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Periodic Updates

After having help to clasp his hands, Mark uses his right arm to lift his left. He can clear the armrest with his elbow. That's his maximum lift in sitting.

Mark undid his seat belt, including getting part his left arm, which was lying across it.

Without help, Mark slides himself forward in his wheelchair.

On his back, Mark is able to lift his arms higher. With a little assist, he can hold them where they are placed. (Photos below)

We've been working on things Mark can do on his own. We all move and shift constantly during the day. Sitting in a wheelchair is another story. Unless someone helps Mark stand or transfer, he sits. This would make anyone stiff. His home assignment is to move his lower body side to side, on his own, to loosen up his trunk. It feels good and is especially helpful for trunk control which we are building for more independent transfers and ambulation. Here' Mark going through a lower body rolling sequence all on his own:

Mark is working on getting to and from his wheel chair (transfering) on his own. With some help to grasp the wheelchair arm, he moves from the mat to the chair. Currently OT is helping ~ 20%